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All I can do now is to hold on to God’s promises to us.

Lately, I wake up worrying that something dreadful might come up. Something we did not expect in our entire life. Something contrary to what we believe while we live. Something that someone just put is into just because he is mad to us even if we did not do anything from him. 

I may not be smart, but I like to talk to smart people. Their thoughts always make sense and has a substance. You learn a lot from them and they think extraordinarily. I am a type of person who prefers to listen more and absorb the useful ideas from the person who speak. Yes, I admit, I am sometimes boring to be with, but that is only when I cannot make myself comfortable yet to the person/s I am with. I am also not the type of person who is joyful to talk to most of the time because I am a serious person. I like to talk about plans, futures, dreams; a serious thought. But when I get to my crazy side, I am really pure crazy. I am always in extremes, not in between.

Problems change us

After all the problems I and my family went through, especially the biggest and recent one, I realized that I shall be stronger and say what I feel and never mind what people will think. They don’t mind it, anyway. Yes, I do have faith to God and the problems we have encountered recently made me realize that we all live because of Christ. In every problems that come in our way, it is just a test of faith and I believe a preparation to something best for us.

It has come to a point that I questioned about God because I can’t fathom that this¬†happened to me and to my family. In the end, I held on to God because we cannot find help from anyone. A moment where all you need to do is let God do his way because he knows best and it is all you can do.

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